Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Looking for some Hot Stuff

Once again Kareoke has captured the hearts of another family. Monday night family home evening with the Ellis family will always be remembered as the night of the killer whale mating call. It was without a doubt the most original night of performances, starting with David's rendition of Hot Stuff sung in a beautiful falsetto.

Monday morning, I had my first interview with Viking Pest Control. It was great, I threw a few Gilbertisms their way and they had no choice to agree with the logic of my bug killing grandfather. They will meet with me again this coming Thursday and we will go over some more basics and find a fit for me there.... Hopefully. If not, I will start the search one again.

I did discover this morning that New Jersey government is nothing more than a giant mess of red tape and fees. I looked into transferring my pest license and found a series of classes and tests and payments required. I will let the company take care of that one. Overall, I still like it here and can't wait to get a place of my own so everyone can come visit.