Friday, June 02, 2006

Why New Jersey?

I really thought that once I moved out here that I wouldn't have to explain my reasons for leaving Utah.... Come to find out, everyone that I have talked to here thinks that I am crazy to leave Utah for a place like this.

I arrived here in Westfield 10:30pm Eastern time Thursday June 1. The drive to get here was one of the best experiences that I have had since serving my mission. I started the drive Monday evening after watching The Apprentice with the family. I was armed with pizza, crackers, cookies, brownies, water, milk, 4 cds and a trailer full of my remaining life posseions including my motorcycle.(I was able to take him around the block earlier before the rain hit... I missed him) My top speed on the trip never exceeded 70mph which I know is not like me at all but in an effort to get decent gas mileage, my average speed was 60 the whole way. My favorite part would have to be the plains. I like being able to see more than past the next road sign which doesn't happen here.

This morning, I found myself a safe storage rental and put everything away until I find a place to rent out here. Got lost returning my Uhaul trailer, the nice thing about that was, it let me learn a little more about the different expressways and turnpikes they have out here, I found a really long way of getting to Newark airport. It really was fun!

Well that is about all I have time for, I will put some more traveling stories in here when I can remember them. Thanks for all the help in getting out of Salt Lake between the food and muscle, I am grateful.