Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Westfield garbage

This is some of our salvage work from Sunday night. David and I set up the system yesterday afternoon in his basement so now he can have an even better workout experience. I just got a few books out of people's garbage, but there was a really nice wood table top I was considering and also an old style radio cabinet with record table. The garbage here in Westfield is nicer than anything you can find at the DI.

I have accepted the position at Viking Pest Control and start tomorrow at the Denville office. It will be nice to get back to work and stay busy again. I have enjoyed hanging out with the Ellis family but I am ready to be on the move again. I spent this morning riding around the towns out here looking for some available apartments on the little back-streets. I did find one that was within walking distance of the train and even better, walking distance to Cossimo's place. Speaking of that, David came to work out with Judo David yesterday and brought a pizza with him for us. MMMMMMM. It is without a doubt the best pizza I have had in my life. I haven't even found anything in the City that compares. I was talking to him about it and he said that his mom and dad are full Italian and emigrated over here. Everything they cook with is fresh homemade and they use only the best cheeses. I am hungry just typing all this up. So anyway, the place I saw was really close and even though my job might be a bit of a drive it would be nice to stay close here.

I will be going to the Morristown institute this coming Thursday though just to meet some new people and ask around about apartments up there. I have heard they have a decent size class so I will be on the prowl once again. I am hoping to go to NYC again tomorrow night to see the Joseph Smith statue in lower Manhattan before it comes down. That will also be a good time to try more pizza!