Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mmmmm..... Pizza

I knew the pizza was good here but I never knew it would be as good as it was yesterday. David and I went to downtown Westfield to eat at his friends restaurant, Cossimo's. Let's just say, that everything was fresh and homemade, the crust was crunchy and the sauce was perfect. Oh boy. I really will need to limit myself to pizza just once a week or things may get out of hand.

The best part so far about living out here are the townships. Imagine a dozen Sugarhouses spread out over an area of 10 miles. These places are full of people walking the street looking at the different shops and diners to eat at. It's great, of course parking will always be an issue but I love the way things are set up out here. Now if we can just get the sun to come out so I can go for a motorcycle ride.

I will be leaving the Ellis house in a few minutes and try to navigate my way into New York City to attend the singles ward. The thought of going to a singles ward is scary but not as scary as my options of not attending there. I am really hoping that the ward has it's share of nutcases to remind me of church back in Utah.

Other than that, I am just waiting for my job interview tomorrow at Viking Pest Control, finding an apartment and looking for girls. Nothing too exciting but I'm enjoying it anyway. Except for missing Dano and Moo like crazy!