Sunday, June 18, 2006

Guess Who?

I almost slept through church today considering I didn't get to sleep until around 2 this morning but David was persistent and I made my way into the city to attend the singles ward. I really wasn't too excited to go mostly because it was just a 1 hour meeting because of the Gladys Knight concert and they were combining with the family ward at the same time. I am glad I did go because I saw Nancy and Steve Mcdonald outside the building on my way crossing the street. They were in town because Steve has some business up in White Plains. When we got inside, I saw the Stevens family from the Grandview second ward. They were in town because their son-in-law graduated from medical school and the ceremony was here. After the meeting I talked with some of the females of the ward and made some headway in the never ending battle of breaking the ice.

Back here Jersey side, I have just been enjoying the night with Grant and Lisa (David's brother and his fiance) and playing some more video games. Tomorrow I will be going up to the Saddlebrook office and doing some more training. If I am able to sneak away early, there is a multi stake activity going to a Mets game and I think that should be really fun. It is quiet now and I think most everyone has gone to bed so I might as well join them.