Saturday, June 17, 2006

Oh what a night!

David, Christine, Archie, Damien
This Saturday consisted of me being a lazy bum and playing video games here at the Ellis home most of the morning and afternoon. There was a brief moment when I left to go pick up my laundry and drop by the grocery store but that was about it. However, around 7pm, David Christine and I left to go to Long Beach Island. It was a nice place to visit other than the sun setting in the west and not over the water. We went down there because Damien (next to me in the photo) is the night manager at a restaurant there that claims to have the best wings. Well this little place had the best wings I have ever tasted! The place is called The Chicken or the Egg and they are open 24 hours a day and serve everything on the menu all the time. It is a seasonal place so they are closed in the winter but they had a great place to eat at. One item I will have to try nest time is a Dragon burger. It's a hamburger with bacon and eggs on it and that may sound gross to some but it just makes me hungry.

The whole place down there is really neat. As you drive down the main street, you can look down the side streets and see the ocean on one end and the river on the other so it really is a skinny island, I think that it will make an excellent date place once I find a girl I would like to date.

On a side note, it is definitely buyer beware at the grocery stores here in Jersey. Last night after institute, we bought some deli pizzas to bring home and eat but we never ate them because they were moldy.... what are you gonna do?