Friday, June 23, 2006

Nuts in NYC

Alright, I know it has been a few days since I have written as Megan pointed out to me but I have a good reason an I will explain it to you when I am able.

This week has been more training and fooling around with Viking. I can't say it is any easier getting through the red tape of the NJ dmv but I think I am making some headway. This morning, I was at another branch of the company to do a training class to get my pest license and I thought I saw the clock move backwards. Our instructor had to have been at least 70 and couldn't say more than one sentence without sounding like he was falling asleep. I know I have to do these classes to get licensed but I really wish that I could just avoid it all together. The nice thing about hopping from office to office here in the company is that I am able to see which branches have the cute secretaries..... There are a few really cute ones and there are a few that truly represent New Jersey.

This pic is one I took a few weeks ago on Doomsday over in NYC. I think that it was just publicity for the Omen movie but I still think they are nutty. Tonight is Institute for this stake and tomorrow night, they will be having a dance so it might be enjoyable.