Sunday, June 11, 2006

Look who's getting married!

First things first, I got a call this morning while David and I were riding the train to Newark from Angie and she had some happy news to share. She and Bret are engaged! Congrats!

Today was a Puerto Rican holiday, and there were a million people everywhere I went today. The weather was perfect for partying and the people here had fun partying today. The singles ward was boring but I think that is mostly due to the fact that David and I were at a YSA activity last night a few stakes over with a bunch of Latinos playing basketball and volleyball. Since we didn't speak spanish, we had a hard time talking but that didn't keep us from acting like goofballs, that just came naturally. We had a little guy on our team that was great at getting the ball from the other team, the only downside was that he tackled them in the process. Ward ball is much more interesting here in Jersey.

I didn't see anyone famous today but that is alright, I did meet some more cool people at the ward though. They were interns of course, but at least I will have some cool people for a few weeks before they move back to wherever they came from. I forgot to pick up tickets today to the Gladys Knight event next weekend. She will be coming to town and performing at the building with her choir from Vegas and a lot of people are excited to hear her sing. Maybe I can call someone who has extras... something to think about.

I finished up my evening with David and Frank driving around Westfield going through people's garbage. Tomorrow is the day that the trucks come and take away the big stuff and people here throw away some good junk. Why do we take it??? Because it's free!