Friday, June 09, 2006


Just going through the pics on my phone and saw this one of Daniel and couldn't resist using him as the post pic. It's crazy how much I miss those kids (the rest of the fam too). I think I will give Moo the honor tomorrow.

I received a job offer yesterday from Viking as a salesman. It is a decent offer but I am taking a couple days to chew it over and see if anything else surfaces before accepting. The location of that branch is in a town called Denville. They were saying that right over from Denville is Morristown which is supposed to be a great fun place to live... It also has a direct train into the city so that would make a couple things easier. I am heading over later this afternoon to look at the place and get a feel for apartments in the area.

Tonight is the Stake Institute class, there will be a new pair of teachers and hopefully a few more YSA as well. Too bad I'm not in Salt Lake, I have heard that Kenny Mays is doing a great job of keeping the Regional class entertained. David is taking off on a camping trip with his inner city branch so I just might fly solo at the class but that is fine. It's better than camping with the humidity, that is something that I may never adjust to.